TARZAN Full Body Harness

Fully adjustable full body harness intended especially for rope courses and adventure parks

  • attachment point for work in hanging position and rappelling according to EN 813
  • SPEED buckle connecting shoulder straps with waist belt – increased comfort when putting the harness on
  • slots on waist belt designed for a secure hanging of expensive equipment (such as power saw, drilling machine,..) or for carabiner PORTER
  • identification and methodical label
  • different colour of shoulder webbing
  • left leg loop with red colour inside
  • dorsal attachment point EN 361 (steel D-ring with a bearing capacity of 15 kN – flat and settled on a padding)
  • buckle with a captive bar matches strict American standards (ANSI, CSA), its minimum strength is 17.2 kN, corrosion resistance is tested by spraying in a salty chamber for a period of 48 hours
  • webbing strap stitched in the buckle simplify handling with buckle
  • no webbing slippage in a buckle
  • construction ensures longtime operation and efficiency (easy releasing and fastening even when dirty and tough webbing)
  • can be used for working at heights

Color: black/red
Weight: 1530 g [size M-XL] (±15 g) • 54 oz (± 0.5 oz)
Size:  M-XL

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