DURAN 10.4 / L0340AX

Single rope

  • the rope is made by SINGING ROCK patented technology ROUTE 44
    which gives to the rope well-balanced weight and diameter
  • all parameters are very much in tune with each other
  • rope is very compact, durable and comfortable
  • impact force and number of falls are standard
  • the main feature of this rope is its thicker sheath with perfect abrasion resistance
  • the rope has good handling characteristics and is suitable for use with most belaying devices
  • ideal for areas with rough rocks and indoor climbing
  • thermotransfer end marking  
  • ultrasonic ending
  • middle marking
  • overview of the available lengths

Color: Purple
Weight: 70 g/m
Length: pack: 50m
Diameter: 10.4 mm
Number of falls: 10
Dynamic elongation: 31.3 %
Static elongation: 6 %
Impact force: 8.7 kN

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