Feelfree Dry Tube 10L

Keep your gear dry using a Feelfree Waterproof Dry Bag (also known as Dry Tubes), available in a range of sizes: 5L, 10, 15L, 20L & 30L.

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Standard practice in all watersports and many outdoor activities is to stow your kit in a dry bag. This is the best chance you have of keeping your clothes and kit dry and useable.

These dry bags are tough, long lasting and work really well. They will withstand weather and surface immersion if not overfilled.  The fabric is totally waterproof and all the seams welded. The biggest cause of wet kit in a dry bag is overfilling the bag and not being able to roll it down properly. You can make a bigger bag smaller by rolling it down more times; you cannot make a small bag bigger!

Feelfree dry bags are available in 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 and 30 litre. Another tip from a wet kayaker is 2 x 15ltr dry bags work better in the long run than one 30 litre dry bag.

Everyone uses good quality dry bags to pack their rucksack, kayak, sailing dinghy, cycle panniers and more. If conditions are extreme stuff your dry bags into a dry rucksack or dry backpack – there are times when dry clothes and a dry sleeping bag are something very special.

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