Feel Free – Atlantis 14 (Sea Kayak)

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  • LENGTH: 14′ (4.29 m)
  • WIDTH: 25.5″ (65 cm)
  • WEIGHT : 57.3 lbs (26 kg)
  • MAX CAPACITY: 308lbs (140 kg)


Atlantis 12 is ideal for recreational kayak touring whereas the Atlantis 14 does the same with a little more forward speed.

Atlantis 14 was designed to be stable, comfortable and efficient with recreational paddling and kayak camping in mind. It is not an 18 foot offshore expedition kayak or anywhere near as tippy, it is simply one of the best day touring kayaks available.  The cockpit dimensions and the width of this kayak add to comfort and stability, not all of us are as slim as a racing snake.

With two hatches and two internal bulkheads the kayak is safe and very well mannered. The cockpit is comfortable with adjustable footrest and adjustable thigh braces and backrest. Set the cockpit up and sit correctly using the footrest to control the rudder and paddle all day.

The Atlantis is so well mannered that a stripped down version (no hatches or rudder) is one of our European cousins hire kayak of choice.

For reasonably capable bigger paddlers this is also a good choice for more challenging coastal paddling. For the rest of us Atlantis 14 is a superb day touring kayak for canals, lakes, estuaries and coastal touring.

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