Feelfree Inner Dry Flat

 Dry bag for keeping small personal items such as phone and keys dry. 5 & 15L sizes availalbe.

5L Price: US$ 16.14/-   15L Price: US$ 18.80/-


The Feelfree Inner Dry Flat is a lighter weight dry bag usually carried in a non weatherproof rucksack or backpack that is only water resistant. This added dry protection is ideal for keeping your personal items like wallet, keys, MP3 player; phone any other small items dry. The majority of high street rucksacks, backpacks and holdalls are water resistant which in truth means very little. Put the precious stuff in a dry bag made from a waterproof fabric and be safe.

The Inner Dry Flat bag can be carried on a belt or with its shoulder strap and will work well where a heavy duty bag is not required.

  • Available in 5 & 15L sizes.
  • Shoulder strap

5L: US$ 16.14/-

  • Length 46 cm
  • Width 29 cm

15L: US$ 18.80/-

  • Length 53 cm
  • Width 39 cm

Feelfree Dry Luggage Technical Information.
Many years of collaboration with the fabric manufacturer and testing has resulted in a fabric that feels softer yet robust that will outlast laminated fabrics.

Fabric – 420D Vinyl Tarpaulin.

Coating – PVC Dip applied (not laminated).

Toxicity – Non toxic, DINP (the plasticizer in PVC) has already undergone a comprehensive EU Risk Assessment which has confirmed it poses no risk to human health or the environment.

DOP Free PVC – There are concerns that DOP (the plasticizer in some less expensive PVC coatings) can adversely affect the environment and possibly health – DOP is not used in Feelfree fabrics.

UV Resistant – Yes.

Anti Cold Crack – down to – 30C, Feelfree waterproof luggage was successfully used by 20 scientists for 6 months in Greenland in 2011.

Dip Coated Vinyl – Dip Coating produces a fabric that is more durable than laminated fabrics, especially at folding areas.

Waterproof – The fabric is 100% waterproof.

High Frequency seam welding – Welded seams have been test by Interteck and are rated at 190lbs.
Like everything manufactured and designed by Feelfree the quality is very good.

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